How does S3 Media Maestro secure and protect my media?

S3 Media Maestro works hand in hand with Amazon S3 to encrypt the URL which also includes link expiration. Typically when you share media for the web from Amazon S3 you typically set the permissions to "public" which means anyone can right click on the webpage to view the HTML code, find the media URL and link share it.

We take advantage of the Amazon S3 API and utilize the access key and secret key to ensure that only your website can access content on Amazon S3 hence, you don't have to make your media "public" which means nobody can directly access your videos.

S3 Media Maestro can be configured to set an expiration time on the URL. For instance, I can post a video and give an expiration of 1 minute. When someone loads the page with the video the video URL is generated on the fly. The URL is encrypted and has an expiration time of 1 minute. If someone were to view the HTML code for that webpage, find the video URL and link share it, the URL would only work for 1 minute from the time the page loaded. So basically by the time they post the URL to a forum or send it via email, there is little to no time for someone to access the video.

The count down starts at page load so a 1 minute expiration doesn't give internet thieves any time to steal your content. This also means that if you refresh the page a new URL is generated and the expiration time begins to count down again.