Why can I still right click and select "Save Video As"?

A valid concern that you may have is that when using an HTML5 video player (Like ours), the ability to right click the on the video and "save video as" works in some browsers. However the option to "Save Video As" is at the browser level not an issue with our plugin. To dig a little deeper, it's at the browser level when the video player is HTML5. There are varios scripts that you can find out there that will disable right clicks on your webpage, however there is nothing 100% full proof. The idea behind our plugin is to prevent link sharing hence the expiring link plus link encryption.

Here is a article about the right click "save video as" option: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9756837/prevent-html5-video-from-being-downloaded-right-click-saved

The fact that a user has access to your media, means that they should have access to your media, but if that user wants the media badly enough they will screen capture your video with software like Camtasia or ScreenFlow, record it with sound recording software or screen capture it. The reality is that there is not a 100% full proof system out there, and if someone claims their is, they are not being honest.

Our plugin will keep your media extremely safe from outsiders and link sharing, however if an "insider" wants your media bad enough they will get it one way or another. I have seen people go to the extent of whipping out their iPhone and recording the computer screen. If someone wants your media bad enough they will get by various means. The idea is to protect your media from someone who shouldn't have access to your video.