My mp4 won't play!

If you are having issues seeing video after you have uploaded your MP4 (h.264) video to Amazon, Here are a couple guidelines to follow (each item is vital to ensuring everything works as desired). If all 5 items have been examined then it might be a plugin or theme conflict.

  • Ensure that your access keys are copied correctly, no white space and case sensitive
  • Ensure that your bucket name is all lower case (This is per guidelines from Amazon)
  • If your video file has spaces in the name, ensure that vide has the correct spaces when added to the short code builder. (Amazon likes to substitute spaces in the naming files with "+" symbols. Don't use the "+", instead use spaces or change your file name to not include any spaces.
  • When you add the S3 video name to the shortcode builder ensure that you only add the video name or the sub folder(s) and the video name. For example: myvideo.mp4
  • Ensure that the meta data in Amazon S3 is set to "video\mp4" without quotes. There will not be a drop down menu item, so you will need to type this in manually.