Why can I still right click and select "Save Video As"?

A valid concern that you may have is that when using an HTML5 video player (such as S3 Media Maestro), the ability to right click on the video and "save video as" works in some browsers. However, the option to "Save Video As" is at the browser level and is not a feature of S3 Media Maestro. 

There are various scripts which you can put in place to disable right clicks on your webpage, however, even those are not completely successful 100% of the time. The idea behind our plugin is to prevent link sharing, hence the expiring link plus link encryption.

Here is an article about the right click "save video as" option. 

The fact that a user has access to your media means that they should have access to your media, but if that user wants to copy your media badly enough there are many ways to do so. Software packages like Camtasia or ScreenFlow make it simple to record your media as it plays on the screen.