Step 2: Configure S3 Media Maestro

To configure S3 Media Maestro:

  1. Login to your WordPress site
  2. Click S3 Media Maestro then Settings

  3. Click on the Other Settings tab and insert your License Key. Then click Activate. Optionally you can configure the front-facing affiliate URL by clicking Yes next to the Powered By Link option. Then simply insert  your Affiliate ID. If you don't have an affiliate account, simply login to the member portal and click on the Affiliates menu item. Lastly, click Save Settings.

  4. Next click on the Media Player tab. Here you can configure the global default settings for your media player.

    1. First your player type.
    2. Next you can select the skin you'd like to use.
    3. If you have a splash image (also known as a poster image) you can add it in here. Just as a rule of thumb, we recommend that the size of the image match the size of the video. For example if your video is 1080P, then your poster image should be 1920px x 1080px.
    4. Then configure the default volume level for your media player.
    5. Next you will want to choose whether or not you want your media player to be responsive or fixed.
    6. - 9. If you select fixed, you will be prompted with options to configure the height and width for the video and audio players respectively.
    10. Lastly you can configure the player metadata setting which simply refers to whether or not you want video's to preload and if so to what extent.
    Once configured click Save Settings. Note you will have the ability to modify these options on the fly when entering the shortcodes.