Why do my auto complete password form fillers keep popping up?

S3 Media Maestro has various text fields that require obfuscation for security purposes. For example, the S3 Media Maestro license key activation field, the AWS S3 API keys, and the Cloudfront API keys are all obfuscated. This requires the input field type to be "password". API keys would be considered to be "passwords", therefore they have been setup as password fields. The form filler and password filler browser extensions look for input fields with "password" as the type, so they pop up each time you are on a page that contains password type fields.

This is not considered a bug, because the password form fields in S3 Media Maestro are coded and compliant with W3C standards. We realize this is can be an annoyance for some users, but have chosen to prioritize the security of your credentials over this minor inconvenience.